#205 Anonymous binds do not work with infoldap
Closed: Fixed None Opened 6 years ago by jdennis.

If the bind_dn and bind_password are not specified the behavior is supposed to be an anonymous bind which is fine for most attribute lookups. The code in infoldap at line 108 does this:

    conn.simple_bind_s(self.bind_dn, self.bind_password)

where self.bind_dn and self.bind_password are both None, but this won't work for an anonymous bind. The documented way to perform an anonymous bind with python-lap is to not pass any parameters to simple_bind_s(). It's bad API design on the part of python-ldap, it should accept None, but it doesn't.

The code should probably look something like this:

if self.bind_dn is None and self.bind_password is None:
    conn.simple_bind_s(self.bind_dn, self.bind_password)

Patch available at https://pagure.io/ipsilon/pull-request/80

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This has been fixed with 35ee674

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