#196 [RFE] add support to ipsilon for using hostnames for SP names
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Description of problem:

This is an enhancement request to add the ability to use some characters other
than just letters and numbers for SP names.  The purpose here is to allow the
same character set allowed for hostnames.

This is an example of not being able to use a hostname:

ipsilon-client-install --saml-auth /secure \
> --saml-sp-name $(hostname -s) \
> --saml-idp-url https://rhel7-2.example.com/idp
Failed to register SP with IDP!
Error: ['Invalid Provider ID: Name must contain only numbers and letters']
'Invalid Provider ID: Name must contain only numbers and letters'
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1.  ipsilon-client-install --saml-sp-name $(hostname)

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if enhanced to support more characters, I would like to see this work.

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I looked into this a while back, the SP name is used in two different contexts, as a key in the database and as path component in a URL. I suspect it's the later use as a URL path component which prompted the character restrictions. If we URL encode/decode the name when it's used in a URL then I think we can remove the restriction. I don't think it's use as a database key creates a problem.

For period and dash, we don't need any special URL encoding/decoding.

The patch at https://pagure.io/ipsilon/pull-request/82 adds those two characters, so that we allow RFC-952 compatible hostnames.

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This has been fixed with 9035f18

resolution: => fixed
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Turns out that dots and hyphens are a problem in some cases.
Reopening this ticket to track the fixing of this.

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This has been fixed in https://pagure.io/ipsilon/c/3452be826f4ba256a77995cf42bbb97a3b0b39bc.

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