#177 Exception triggered when Ipsilon receives AuthnRequest via SOAP endpoint
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When a SAML AuthnRequest is posted to the SOAP endpoint Ipsilon responds with a 400 error because an exception is raised when an attempt is made to save transaction data.

The root cause of the problem is the transaction object created in provider/saml2/auth.AuthenticateRequest._preop() is not initialized.

    def _preop(self, *args, **kwargs):
            # generate a new id or get current one
            self.trans = Transaction('saml2', **kwargs)

slightly later when this code tries to update and save the transaction

                # SAML binding known, store in transaction
                data = {'saml2_binding': self.binding}

an exception is thrown because the uninitialized Transaction object has no uuid associated with it, a requirement for storing the value.

As to why the transaction is uninitialized is a long and complicated story which will be the subject of another ticket.

But for now it appears the most expedient solution is to remove the following block of code from _preop

            if self.binding is None:
                # SAML binding is unknown, try to get it from transaction
                transdata = self.trans.retrieve()
                self.binding = transdata.get('saml2_binding')
                # SAML binding known, store in transaction
                data = {'saml2_binding': self.binding}

because it's not actually accomplishing anything. No one references the saml2_binding value being stored in the transaction, it was put there for bullet-proofing. In hindsight it was probably a bad idea because the binding is a property of the current request, not a property of the series of requests forming a transaction.

This doesn't solve the problem of the uninitialized transaction, but the uninitialized transactions in this code block currently only occurs in the SOAP case, which is the one failing.

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