#149 setup.py should install the ipsilon wsgi into /usr/libexec
Opened 7 years ago by rcritten. Modified 5 years ago

We moved the script out of /usr/bin and into /usr/libexec only in the Fedora spec file. There is other code/configuration expecting it to be there but if one installed it from the source tree it would fail to find the wsgi.

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milestone: => 1.1
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OK, I've looked at this on and off for a while, and I can't find a feature of distutils or setuptools that will do what we want. I've got a proof-of-concept patch in https://pagure.io/fork/merlinthp/ipsilon/branch/t149 that monkey patches distutils to do it. I suspect it's rather too dirty a solution to ship, though.

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5 years ago

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