#146 Duplicate service providers, cannot delete
Closed: Insufficient data None Opened 5 years ago by jamielennox.

Somehow when i was playing with ipsilon-client-install and the parameters i managed to make 2 service providers with the same name "keystone" that had different URLs assoicated with them. If I use the same URLs then i get an error saying entry exists.

Now that they are installed i can't delete them. Both delete buttons point to https://host/idp/admin/providers/saml2/admin/sp/keystone/delete but i get a 404 response from the site.

Edit: It appears if i use different URL/name combos then i can create multiple entries. Then i can delete one and attempts to delete others with the same name will fail.

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milestone: => 1.1

Can you provide a reproducer? I haven't been able to replicate this.

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milestone: 1.1 => 1.2

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I have also been unable to reproduce this: even when using differing urls, I am unable to create a second SP with the same name.

milestone: 1.2 => 1.3
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Given that this bug has not been reproducible, I am going to close it for now.
If anyone managed to reproduce it, or hits the issue again, please reopen the ticket.

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3 years ago

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