#145 ipsilon-client-install: Shouldn't need to set --saml-sp-logout and --saml-sp-post with --saml-sp
Opened 7 years ago by jamielennox. Modified 5 years ago

It's fairly common that i'm going to want to customize --saml-sp to match my environment. If i set --saml-sp only then i get the error:

--saml-sp-logout must be a subpath of --saml-sp
--saml-sp-post must be a subpath of --saml-sp

because they default to /saml2/logout and /saml2/postResponse. Instead they should default to saml_sp + '/logout' and saml_sp + '/postResponse' so that I only need to set the --saml-sp parameter to get reasonable defaults.

This would be similar to how if i provide --saml-idp-url it's smart enough to be able to determine the --saml-idp-metadata URL without me having to provide it manually.

As a general note i had to read the source for ipsilon-client-install to figure all this out, the arguments and --help don't tell me this.

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