#138 Support IdP initiated SSO
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For use-cases such as AWS Console access, we need to support IdP initiated SSO. This flow is described here:


We would need the ability to register SP links in Ipsilon that can be
used to perform IdP initiated SSO when clicked. The way I see this
working would be:

  • User goes to Ipsilon and logs in.

  • Registered SPs that support IdP initiated SSO are shown as links.

  • User clicks on desired SP link, which generates an assertion and does
    a POST to the SP (using a configurable IdP intiated URL in the SP config)

From a UI/configuration standpoint, I envision a checkbox on the SP
config page to enable IdP initiated SSO per-SP. If this is checked, you
can fill in a POST URL and the text to display for the link (a
configurable image would be a nice addition too).

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One correction to the initial description is that the URL to POST to should come from the SP metadata instead of making it a configuration setting.

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