085d5b1 Define PAOS AssertionConsumerService in ipsilon-client-install

2 files Authored by jdennis 4 years ago , Committed by puiterwijk 4 years ago ,
    Define PAOS AssertionConsumerService in ipsilon-client-install
    A SAML SP will not be able to perform ECP unless a
    AssertionConsumerService for the PAOS binding has been defined in it's
    metadata. The PAOS AssertionConsumerService participates in the ECP
    protocol exchange, specifically it's where the ECP client sends the
    IdP Assertion.
    If lasso starts to engage in an ECP transaction by trying to generate a
    Samlp:AuthnRequest and no PAOS AssertionConsumerService is defined in
    the SP metadata it will fail with a unknown provider error.
    Note, AssertionConsumerService elements are indexed endpoints, there
    may be one per protocol binding. Now that there is more than 1
    AssertionConsumerService we set the isDefault flag to True on the
    existing post response at index 0. This isn't strictly necessary
    because the spec says if the default flag isn't set on any
    AssertionConsumerService endpoint then the first one is selected, but
    it's good practice anyway.
    FWIW, if mod_auth_mellon is not configured with metadata then
    mod_auth_mellon will generate it's own metadata which includes the
    PAOS AssertionConsumerService. However in ipsilon-client we generate
    the SP metadata and were failing to add the PAOS
    AssertionConsumerService, something mellon would have done
    automatically for us. This is why this bug was only first seen using
    Ticket: 162
    Signed-off-by: John Dennis <jdennis@redhat.com>
    Reviewed-by: Patrick Uiterwijk <puiterwijk@redhat.com>