iok iok is Indic Onscreen Keyboard. It currently shows Inscript keymaps for following Indian languages. Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu. Using drop down menu you can select any of above supported Indian language. Drop down menu listing depends on available inscript keymaps atlocation /usr/share/m17n/. You can then start directly clicking on keys appearing in iok graphical interface. It will not only show you keyvalues(characters) for English keys on your QWERTY keyboard from selected inscript keymap but also allows you to send those characters tocurrently active window. Currently there is no Indic Onscreen Keyboard is available that will allow to type in Indian languages. This application is using inscript maps installed in /usr/share/m17n directory. If no inscript maps found in /usr/share/m17n then this application will work as English on screen keyboard. Other functionality this application provides is customization of system installed inscript map. User can swap 2 English key values and also can reassign some other new character to existing key in keypair (Key,Value) from existing inscript map and write new keymaps which can be used after restarting application. New feature has been added to iok that will graphically swap 2 English key values in a inscript keymap by just dragging first key button over second button. Users can now use their own favorite keymaps other than inscript provided those keymaps MUST be written for single English key to characterpair. Since iok-1.3.0 release, partial support for some indic xkb layouts has been added. Since iok-1.3.8, nepali keymaps are also appearing in keymap list and now iok only run single instance. Since iok-1.3.12, drag and drop feature used to swap key values is available with iok only when iok is started with advanced options.