#97 Correct docs about how to configure Bodhi in production.
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  Run this command from the `ansible` checkout to configure all of bodhi in production::


-         sudo -i ansible-playbook $(pwd)/playbooks/groups/bodhi2.yml

+         # This will configure the backends

+         $ sudo rbac-playbook playbooks/groups/bodhi2.yml

+         # This will configure the frontend

+         $ sudo rbac-playbook openshift-apps/bodhi.yml



  Pushing updates

I'd recommend being consistent, either both rbac-playbook or all ansible-playbook (slight preference for the later one since I think that's what we mostly use in other SOPs)

:thumbsup: for me updated or not

Perhaps just have both? say 'this will be rbac-playbook or ansible-playbook depending on your privs?

I decided to just go with rbac-playbook - sysadmin-main users can use it too so it is the one command that works for everyone.

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@pingou @kevin are you happy with the current state of this PR?

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