= RPM Sandbox // Style rule: one sentence per line please! // This makes git diffs easier to read. :) [link=] image:[License: MIT] [link=] image:[Join us at] Collaborative git repository "sandbox" for RPM package spec work for i3 on Fedora. The work in this repository is not yet ready for official packaging, but we intend to get it there. [[where-to-go]] == Where to go *[*Fedora i3 Documentation*]: Documentation about the Fedora i3 Spin and the i3 Special Interest Group (S.I.G.). Look here for guidance and support on using the i3 Spin. *[*Discussion tickets*]: Tickets where we propose, discuss, and vote on new ideas and changes. This is the best place to look for what we currently focused on. *[*RPM specs*]: RPM specs and other works-in-progress by the S.I.G. Do not expect polished work here! But it is a tool for the core team members to work together on packaging new works for the Fedora i3 ecosystem. *[*i3 Documentation*]: Official documentation for the i3 window manager, hosted by the i3 project. [[legal]] == Legal This work is licensed under the Current Default License for software in Fedora, the[MIT License].