#24 Don't scale the background for the live image
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@@ -369,7 +369,7 @@ 

  restorecon -R /home/liveuser


  # setting the wallpaper

- echo "/usr/bin/feh --bg-scale /usr/share/backgrounds/default.png" >> /home/liveuser/.profile

+ echo "/usr/bin/feh --bg-fill /usr/share/backgrounds/default.png" >> /home/liveuser/.profile


  # echoing type liveinst to start the installer

  echo "echo 'Please type liveinst and press Enter to start the installer'" >> /home/liveuser/.bashrc

feh --bg-scale adjusts the desktop background, but that confuses openqa as it
can no longer find the desktop background. Instead we use --bg-fill which does
not rescale the image

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