#64 xrdb and a few other utilities
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Hi, I've been using the i3 spin for a few weeks now and wanted to say you've done a great job, this is my first time ever using fedora and so far it's been a relatively smooth experience. I really appreciate that you've created a minimal system without the bloat and have some feedback which I hope is okay to post here.

  • xrdb since urxvt is the default terminal and it uses .Xresources for it's settings I was initially baffled why my color settings weren't being used then I realized xrdb wasn't installed. That really surprised me because I just assumed it would be included as part of any base system especially since urxvt is the default terminal (which to my surprise I'm okay with). It doesn't really create any overhead so perhaps you can consider including it.

  • on a related note there were a few other tiny utilities I thought would be installed by default, being a minimal WM system, including: xset, xsetroot, xinput and xmodmap which might be worth considering also?

  • regarding Thunar, I see someone has already mentioned xdg-user-dirs but not sure if thunar-volman was suggested? After installing the i3 spin the first thing I did was plug in a usb stick to copy over my wifi drivers (broadcom - don't ask) but my usb stick didn't show up! Luckily I found a wifi dongle lying around and was able to get online and install thunar-volman and copy over the drivers. Anyway perhaps you might consider including it in a future release as basic functionality of a file manager to access external drives?

  • oh yeah, I wonder if it would be worth considering polkit-gnome (or some other authentication agent) and lxappearance for choosing themes/icons/fonts? Neither would be essential I guess but perhaps helpful.

BTW, neither brightlight nor azote worked on my system, no big deal though as I use acpilight and feh anyway.

Thanks again for all your efforts in making this happen and allowing me to take a look at fedora. My apologizes if anything above has already been mentioned, or feel free to close it if not appropriate.

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9 months ago

I am not opposed to any of these and at least lxappearance is already part of the i3-extended package group. I think we should discuss this at the next meeting.

The X utilities should definitely be added to the spin. Unfortunately we did not get to discuss the other applications.

Thanks for the update. Including the X utils is a good idea and if you ship with some custom configs as I've seen discussed in other issues then xrdb will be needed anyway.

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