#60 Package Group Suggestions
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Suggestions for Fedora i3 Package Group improvement based on https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/i3/package-groups/


Each user has different needs in using i3. We already have provided with i3 minimal package for anyone who wants the package group to be as minimal as possible. And there's i3-extended package for anyone who wants i3 with more complete package. Maybe we can develop a better package for the next version.


I've already tried the Fedora 34 spin i3. And I have some suggestion for the minimal and extended package:

  1. add xarchiver on i3 minimal package.
  2. an app for screenshot or print screen like scrot on minimal or extended package group.
  3. configured rofi for system session for shutdown, logout, and restart. It's very hard to find "exit" for most new users.

I think it's good idea to provide another package option with LibreOffice and some graphic editors, like GIMP and inkscape. This is a basic need for most users.

And another great ideas..


Fedora i3 Package Groups for various level users.

My comments:

  • xarchiver could be a great add.
  • scrot is not packaged.
  • rofi is shipped, configuration is up to the user. We can add maybe how to configure in docs.
  • Extra packages should go into another package group. Something like i3-end-user-desktop, but I wouldn't include that in the spin, since that will increase the size of the iso too much (specially LibreOffice)

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11 months ago

How about flameshot for screenshot? But I think this tool is for extended package, not for minimal package.

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9 months ago

We discussed this in the last meeting. Fireshot will be probably a go, also xarchiver. For LibreOffice, we were a little reticent on including it. I did a research about how other Spins and Labs work with office apps:


  • Astronomy: Both LibreOffice and KOffice
  • Comp Neuro: LibreOffice
  • Design Suite: LibreOffice
  • JAM: LibreOffice
  • Games: It doesn't have a suite, just gnumeric
  • Python Classroom: It doesn't have anything
  • Robotics: It doesn't have anything
  • Scientific: Both LibreOffice and KOffice
  • Security: It doesn't have anything


  • Cinnamon: LibreOffice
  • KDE Plasma: LibreOffice and KOffice
  • LXDE: gnumeric, AbiWord and Osmo
  • LXQt: It doesn't have anything
  • MATE-Compiz: LibreOffice
  • SOAS: It doesn't have anything
  • Xfce: It doesn't have a suite, just gnumeric

I am honestly leaning towards not including an office suite at all and
just documenting this properly as Casey suggested during the meeting.

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