#40 Submit i3expo-ng to the Fedora package collection
Opened 3 years ago by jflory7. Modified 2 years ago


Create a new package for i3expo-ng and add it to the Fedora package collection


In the Fedora i3 chat, someone shared a link to this interesting project. It is not yet available in Fedora. It would be neat to make it available in Fedora.


Screenshot of the i3expo-ng tool in use. Similar to the macOS Exposé feature, this brings all of the already open screens and displays on an X11 tiling window manager server appear grouped together in a wide view.


This is a good first issue ticket, so I am going to ask the core contributor group to not take on this issue. :wink:

We need someone to clone the upstream git repo, make a RPM spec file for it, and then submit the RPM spec file to the Fedora package collection. We can help someone with submitting the RPM spec to Fedora, but you should have a basic to intermediate understanding of RPM packaging in order to complete this ticket.

If you want to work on this ticket, check if it is already assigned to someone. If it is not, you may work on it if you wish. Leave a comment in this Pagure issue to let the rest of the group know that you are undertaking this work.


More beautiful i3-friendly tools for Fedora's package collection

I have created a quick and dirty spec file of i3expo-ng and played
around with it a bit. However, I found it personally not too useful for
my workflow, so I have no plans to submit it to the package
collection. If anyone wants to clean it up, submit my patches upstream
and submit it to Fedora, I'll be more than happy to review the package
(and optionally sponsor you, if required).

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