#34 Rename master branch to main or rawhide
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Rename the default git branch master to main or rawhide


There is a F34 Change to shift default git branches from master to main across many Fedora Infra repos. Since it is still early days for the i3 Spin, and because our repo is not yet configured in other pipelines, now is a good time to change default git branch.

Since we are building a Spin that will follow Fedora's branching model, we could also use rawhide as a default branch instead of main. Feedback/opinions on which default name is most clear is appreciated.


Pretty simple to do this:

cd /path/to/Fedora-i3-Spin/
git checkout master && git pull upstream master
git checkout -b main
git push -u upstream main

Then, change the default git branch in Pagure to main (or rawhide). Delete master. Done!


The Fedora Project will be a more welcoming place for new contributors.

I'm for using rawhide as the branch name to build Rawhide.

Discussed in 2021-01-19 meeting.

We took a vote in today's meeting to make the following transitions:

  • Spins repo: master -> rawhide
  • Docs repo: master -> main

I aim to do this today. I will update in the ticket once it is done. Local git clones must be updated after the default branch is changed:

cd /path/to/repo
git checkout main  # or rawhide
git branch -d master
git remote set-head <remote> main  # or rawhide

Default branches updated. For the best experience, please either re-clone or update your branches manually (instructions how above).

I also discovered that Pagure has a new feature to create branch aliases. I created a few:

  • Docs: master -> main
  • Spin: master -> rawhide
  • Spin: main -> rawhide

This should avoid any breakage if you don't update your local branches. But I still suggest updating locally for the cleanest workflow.

Closing as complete! :clapper:

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