#30 Collect screenshots of F34 i3 Spin for spins.fp.o
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Take some screenshots of the i3 Spin in action for promoting on the Fedora Spins website


For Fedora 34, we need to work on our web presence for the spins.fp.o website. See an example from the Xfce Spin. This will include some screenshots of using the Spin in action.

Since this is also Fedora's first tiling/window manager Spin, we can try to demonstrate features that are general to all window managers in addition to some of the Fedora-specific tweaks and packages we provide in a default installation.

This is actually super important because it will be the first impression people get when they see our Spin!


We need a volunteer (or multiple volunteers) to boot up our ISOs and take interesting screenshots without making any modifications to the default look-and-feel of the Spin. This is important just so we don't advertise false bits or mislead people by mistake. Screenshots can be uploaded to this Pagure ticket.

Later, these will be integrated into the Fedora Spins site. See tickets below for tracking the website integration work:


Anyone who sees our Spin for the first time on spins.fp.o will have a clear idea of what the i3 Spin looks like after installation and how it can be used

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Discussed in 2021-01-19 meeting.

We approved these screenshots for the i3 Spin page on fedora-websites! I'll follow up with the Websites Team to confirm.

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Screenshots were taken and website is wip

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