#29 Submit i3 kickstarts to fedora-kickstarts releng repo
Closed: complete a year ago by x3mboy. Opened a year ago by jflory7.


In order to build i3 ISOs in Fedora build infrastructure, submit the i3 kickstarts to pagure.io/fedora-kickstarts


The i3 Spin Change Proposal for Fedora 34 was approved and accepted by FESCo. We should now begin preparing the Fedora build infrastructure with our kickstarts and troubleshoot for any issues ahead of the 100% code completion deadline on Tue 2021-02-23.


pbrobinson tipped us off on how to do this in releng#9864. There are some light instructions in the pagure.io/fedora-kickstarts repo, but it is not entirely clear on what the process is.

We need a volunteer to work on integrating our "upstream" kickstarts into Fedora build infrastructure.


Fedora i3 Spin ISOs are produced by official Fedora build infrastructure

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The deadline for submitting the i3 kickstarts to Release Engineering composes for F34 branching. We missed this deadline. I updated the milestone for the absolute hard deadline on 23 February 2021 (100% Code Completion deadline). This gives us 14 days to make the release.

@nasirhm How is the work going on the fedora-kickstarts PR? Have you had a chance to look into this or should be open the ticket up for someone else? Keep us informed on how things are going or if you need a hand. Here to help!

Issue added to pungi to have nightly builds: pungi-fedora#1009

It still needs the maintainers.toml

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@odilhao How is this going? Do you need some help with this?

Is it safe to close this one? I think we finally have the final .ks in the kickstarts' repo

@x3mboy we now have a working kickstart on fedora-kickstart , on both main(rawhide) and f34. The following files where submitted:


I think that it's safe to close this one, and we might open another ticket to track the documentation on how to flatten the kickstart.

That's great! Thanks for your hard work!

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