#2 Find out how to solve HW specific dependencies
Closed 6 months ago by x3mboy. Opened 8 months ago by aegorenk.

I think the best way to describe the issue is by the following example.
When I installed regular Fedora KDE spin my WiFi was working out of the box. When I installed minimal server and i3 on top of that, I had to install some HW specific packages to make it work. So the question is will we face the same problem and how to handle it?

How the installation process in the KDE spin case determines which HW specific packages I need and install exactly them?

Hey @aegorenk ,

Thanks for sharing this experience, We are taking inspiration from other Spins to create the i3 one. So, hopefully it won't be an issue for us if it works fine in other spins.

We probe that this is not an issue, since our pre-released ISO solve that using the Fedora base

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