#16 Wallpaper isn't working on Live
Closed: complete 4 months ago by jflory7. Opened 4 months ago by nasirhm.

While booting the ISO, In the Live Environment it doesn't have the Wallpaper in the background.

i3wm keeps the same wallpaper set during the login screen or one step behind it. We're currently depending on the Login Manager to set it rather than modifying the i3 config or interacting with the I3 Socket

As LightDM (Display / Login Manager) seems to set the wallpaper on the Greeter (User Password screen) which doesn't appear on the Live environment as it needs to Auto Login.

NOTE : Fedora provides the latest wallpaper's symlink in /usr/share/backgrounds/@default.png provided by f<release>-backgrounds package and the symlink should be used while setting the wallpaper as it'll make sure Updates change the wallpaper too :)

Update: Addition of feh --bg-scale /usr/share/backgrounds/default.png in the ~/.xsession to set the wallpaper once the session starts

But it does seem to be conflicting with something, as it breaks the Autologin in LightDM

One thing to fix is to split these to build for Rawhide with Btrfs

PR #17 was merged. Closing this issue as complete!

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