#14 Documenting Test Cases for the Spin
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To Provide a functional Spin, Testing is essential and critical to our spin :

We're going to be defining some specific criteria that needs to be passed in order for the spin to roll out.

We have setup a HackMD pad to discuss what needs to be Tested: here

We would have to document the raw test cases from the HackMD pad (into clear and concise steps) to mention them in the Change Proposal and For the Participants of the Test Days / Test Weeks to follow along with.

Our Docs repository lives: here We can create a new Tests Module and create a section for Testers.

@defolos will be working on Automating them with OpenQA

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4 months ago

Are the examples given on the wiki draft of the Change Proposal sufficient for this ticket?


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4 months ago

We followed up on this in earlier meetings. The test cases we have written for the Change proposal are sufficient.

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3 months ago

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