#13 Create a @i3 package group
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Work with Fedora engineering teams to create a minimal package group for i3 (i.e. dnf install @i3)


One of the earliest ideas we had was to create a package group. This way, anyone who is already using Fedora can immediately install the same set of packages used in the official i3 Spin. This way, it helps out folks who want to make an official migration to i3 from another desktop environment.


I have never done something like this before. So some research is needed! Fortunately, the Fedora engineering folks are nice people and can point us the right way if we ask the right question in the right place.

One of two things needs to happen to make this happen:

  1. Could you help with this? The core i3 SIG members are focused on releasing the Spin. We need to focus on doing this before taking on any new work.
  2. Follow-up after F34: After F34 is released and if our Spin is approved, the core team can revisit to map out next steps.


  • Easy for anyone to synchronize same package set used in official i3 Spin
  • Helpful for people already using Fedora who want to try out or migrate to i3

I'm not from Fedora engineering, but I can start the work on this.

What packages are we looking to include at the i3 group?

Only these 5?


Looks like we need to get in touch with the folks at the devel list


1 - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_use_and_edit_comps.xml_for_package_groups#How_to_submit_changes_to_comps
2 - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_use_and_edit_comps.xml_for_package_groups#New_groups

Thank You for working on it and sharing about the process, I'm marking it to be discussed for our next meeting.

It would be great to have you in our next meeting, It's every Tuesday, 16:00 UTC on our communication channels: here

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4 months ago

@odilhao has a good eye for the comps list. We will need to update this once we have a final package collection decided. Some links to reference:

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2 months ago

I opened fedora-comps#569 which adds the following to the Fedora 34 comps:

  1. Adds i3 package group: Minimal, base set of packages required to run the i3 window manager
  2. Adds i3-extended package group: Supplemental, optional packages for advanced users who want several different tools available to use
  3. Adds i3-desktop-environment environment: Groups together a base system similar to other desktop environments.
  4. Adds i3-desktop-environment category: Adds a category that appears in the Anaconda installer for new Fedora installs.

I posted a new thread to devel@lists.fp.o to request feedback on the changes. I used the existing Package Groups page in our docs for this change.

Pending feedback from others to make sure I did it right! I've never altered the comps before.

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@adamwill shared helpful feedback on fedora-comps#569. I need to rebase the PR and integrate his feedback. I updated the ticket priority as awaiting changes from assignee (me).

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a month ago

fedora-comps#569 was merged by @mohanboddu. To my understanding, the i3 and i3-extended package groups will be available in Fedora 34. We should group install these package groups in the kickstarts so we do not have to maintain package sets in our kickstarts.

Closing as complete. This will also close out the F34 – Software String Freeze Reached milestone.

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