#11 What need to be included in the Spin in order to meet the criteria of a spin?
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Based on the Desktop Base Matrix and the Basic Release Criteria we still have some packages to select.

We have a package list and we are working in some definitions but it will better if we have a final definition of what is needed to then work on what will we ship in the spin.

@bcotton could you help us here?

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I don't think you're required to have all of the packages in the test cases for Workstation and KDE because this isn't release blocking. Plus, that takes away flexibility for Spins, which is the point.

Basically, what you need is an image that boots and has the package set that makes sense for your target audience and doesn't violate Trademark policy or policies on what software can be included (tl;dr: only install Fedora repos and you're fine)

You will need to file a Self-Contained Change proposal. The F33 deadline has passed, but we can talk FESCo into allowing it. The wiki has some information (unfortunately some of it's out of date), but it gives some general guidance. Basically, you need to get releng on board and get trademark approval from the Council, then submit the Self-Contained Change proposal.

Fixing these docs is on my list

@bcotton Thanks for the feedback. (And a comment, I always hated that Spins and Labs terminology is mixed, and for me are way to different things. We can have a chat about it ;-) )

So, we can decide what we put in. That's great news, because we can avoid some of the "bloated" (it's not bloated but we will prefer to skip some of the) default software that comes in Workstation.

For me, next step will be then to decide:

  • Ease the way for begginer
  • Full aimed to power users

Interesting links to read:

Thank You @bcotton for the feedback.

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