#82 Fedora 28 i18n test day
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We will plan i18n test day for Fedora 28 as well.

It will be great to have an update on this :)

I had a look at the F28 schedule and think that post beta is a good to have a test day but then if it gets slipped then we will not get post-beta image to test by 05th April.

Anyway proposing 5th April 2018 as a test day.

We again cannot decide the date on i18n test day. The concern is between 2 dates
13th March (After Beta Freeze)
5th April (Post Beta release)

Will decide on 17th Jan 2018 meeting again.

Finally we decided 13th March as F28 i18n test day :)

@sumantrom Please create a ticket to fedora-qa for scheduling the f28 i18n test day on 13th Match 2018

Awesome , I will right away

@sumantrom I have created some writeup for i18n test day blog in ticket #93
Please have a look at it and you can use that text. Feel free to modify or reword that text.

I think we got good testing done and if I will get some time I can write a report.

Let's close this, as some of the changes got reverted better not to blog it for now but maybe next time.

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