#78 remove Liberation Classic upstream repo
Closed: Fixed a year ago Opened 2 years ago by pnemade.

Based on ticket#77, we need someone to package https://pagure.io/liberation-classic-fonts

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2 years ago

We need to change fonts name inside repo. Presently those are still saying "Liberation Sans" etc.

Need to change it to "Liberation Classic Sans" etc.

This ticket needs some work in upstream git so we need someone to work on this ticket.

Seems the font needs to be named LiberationOne since LiberationClassic is too many characters,
as discussed in the previous meeting.

Hi @pravins , is there any update here on upstream name changes?

Liberation 2 font updated in Fedora 29/rawhide only.
Waiting for Liberation Classic font upstream release

Work in progress, mostly complete by this weekend.
* https://github.com/liberationfonts

I have done release of liberation-narrow-fonts separately. This is specifically useful if we want to package liberation 2.00.1 in Fedora. Since liberation-fonts 2.001. does not have liberation-narrow fonts, it is important to package them separately in Fedora.

Maybe the title of this issue should be updated: since the plans have changed a bit.

Hi @pravins, since this was our old plan but we opted to go with liberation 1 and liberation 2 as naming convention I guess we are good to delete this repo.

Deleted the group. Closing ticket. Let me know, if anything more required.

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a year ago

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