#74 I18N test day for Fedora 26
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We need to discuss on organizing i18n test day for Fedora 26. some of the task needed for this
1) Pick some date for test day
2) Pick which image to test on that day
3) request fedora-qa to help us in preparing for submitting test results
4) Announce for this test day
5) execute test day
6) collect results and publish final blog

we decided to check for 23rd May date for i18n test day on 2017/04/12 meeting

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3 years ago

There is no blog published for this event due to unavailability of time but the results are already available at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2017-05-23_I18N_Test_Day#Fedora_26_Test_Day_Report

If time permits will try to see if blog can be published for this.

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3 years ago

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