#72 Proposal - I18n FAD in 2017
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After our successful FAD in Nov 2015, its time to think again for our next FAD.

Recently discussion about FAD with other folks, suggestion was to try less budget FAD, so i think trying minimal couple days with less budget will be good. I hope Red Hat i18n team and Fedora council will be supportive to us as used to be.

Now questions:

  1. When should we try it? Nov seems to me very late. Please think

  2. Location : Japan looks ideal - But can we do this with aligning some conference? Please think

  3. We have huge list of topics todo - Once i setup Wiki we will add it to the list.

Discussions from 15th Feb meeting:

<pravins> Actually depending upon date or month we have to decide tasks.
<pravins> 2017-05-30 F26 final release. So we are definitely doing it in F27 schedule timeline.
<juhp> I think should decide theme/goal for the FAD first
<pravins> Even this can work. My only concern was: Last time planning for F24 was one of imp. task at our hand.
<pravins> so something like it.
<pravins> I think Theme can be... Keeping Fedora contemporary from i18n side.
<pravins> Latest fonts, latest input methods
<pravins> and update locales.. such that Unicode CLDR
<pravins> s/updated
<pravins> saying that, we also have i18n tasks for Cloud and containers tech. i.e. flatpack
<pravins> does above typed theme looks good?
<juhp> so a F27 (or F28) planning meeting?
<juhp> probably makes good sense
<juhp> FAD is probably too short to achieve a lot of code etc
<pravins> and history says. This FAD planning serve us for 2/3 years releases :)

Updated page with more information. Now we need list of members interested in attend.


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5 years ago

Location: Pune, India (Red Hat Office)
Dates: 5-7 October 2017

Working on budget this week. As soon as everyone update it will propose ticket to council.

before 4 months, we were planning for Oct. But since planning and getting budget approval (still working) took much longer time.

Its not realistic to execute this FAD in october.

Requesting members, please decide new date. I think something around November is good.

/me will be not available in tomorrow meeting. I am good with any date decided in meeting. :)

In the Fedora i18n meeting today we suggested 20-22 Nov (Mon-Wed) now for this FAD.

Works well for me as well. One more good point about it, since its like 3rd week for Nov, we are getting more time for planning/organization related stuff.

FAD has been approved now, Next thing to discuss
1. When to arrive at Pune/Mumbai?
2. Flight booking based on that.
3. Documents required for VISA and time it takes

will discuss other thing in meeting. 22 - 7:30 UTC

FAD has been completed in last month. Most of the people have now added their blog links to our I18N FAD Notes document and they also appeared on Fedora Planet. I am closing this ticket now.

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