#64 Fedora 25 planning
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= phenomenon =
Final freeze on 31st May 2016
Final release on 14th June 2016

This is time we should start planning for Fedora 25. How to proceed?
Thing we missed in F24, was in plan but no resource.
New requests?

'''Ideas to discuss:'''
- String Breakage monitoring
- IBus Typing booster multi-lingual
- Glibc ??
- Improvements to anaconda layout chooser
- Listing out deprecated/obscure keyboard layout
- Revisit Zanata survey feedback
- Fedora Atomic review from G11N.
- Centralization of Hunspell dictionaries.
- Introductory course for starting localization with Fedora
- LiveCD images
- Langpacks using rpm weak deps
- ITS for Gnome
- Automatic testing
- Description support of the configuration in fontconfig

22 June 2016 meeting discussions:
Changes planned:
'''System wide'''
Unicode 9.0
CLDR sync with Glibc locales (tentative)
* System wide: Centralization of Hunspell (tentative)

'''Self Contained'''
Multilingual ibus typing booster
String breakage monitoring script

Fedora atomic workstation review might give some more ideas. Exploring..

  • Dropping CLDR sync since less time available
  • Ping to Anish for Hunspell

Present action items:
Creating proposals for following
Unicode 9.0
IBus typing booster
transdiff (string breakage)
Emoji typing in Fedora

Changes accepted by FESCO
Unicode 9.0 change
IBus typing booster
transdiff (string breakage)
Emoji typing in Fedora

Availability status:
Unicode 9.0 Glibc build available in Rawhide
IBus typing booster multilingual available for test - need documentation
Emoji - Work in progress
Transdiff - mostly postponing to F26

IDEA for F26:
* Entering Unicode characters with words rather than Rawcode.

F25 was released last week. Let's close this and work for Fedora 26 now.

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