#60 Fedora 24 Test day planning
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We had initial discussion about this during G11N FAD.

​Planned dates in FAD
2016-03-01 Alpha Release
2016-03-03 Software L10N QA Test day
2016-03-15 Software Translation Deadline
2016-03-21 Software I18N QA Test day

3 Weeks slip already in Fedora schedule. Lets plan new date and list out todo list to nice test day.

In 2016-02-17 meeting discussed following points.
Dedicated test day for Glibc local subpackaging. (Pre-requisite landing Glibc change in F24/Rawhide)
I18n test day - One week before Beta Freeze (2016/04/29) - '''2016/04/22'''

Fedora 24 schedule sleep further. Beta Freeze is now on 2016-04-19. I18n Test day should be one week before i.e. on 2016-04-12.

Apologies for earlier wrong date in earlier comment :(

Todo list:
1. Communication with Fedora QA.
- Blocking test day.
- Preparing test day page.
2. Prepared test cases (References available from F23 test cases)
- Going through Fedora 23 test cases and keeping application test cases and modifying as per requirements.
- Going through change proposals and planning test cases for it and adding into Test day test cases.
- Adding test cases in Test day app.
3. Communicating with community
- Mailing list.
- Creating blog in Fedora community blog to create awareness on Test day.
- Submitting badge to motivate more participation.
4. Results of Test day
- Communicate results and track for open issues with Developers for next stage release.

  • Above steps cover almost all things. I will complete first step this week.
  • Expecting someone from FLTG can takeover 2nd step.

Send email on i18n list and ask members to work on cleanup test cases and add new. It should be done ASAP.

Ani generated report for i18n:
Internationalization test day 6 languages tested, 3 bugs filed and 10 users participated.

Ani planning to create post on CommunityBlog regarding G11N test days.

Report compiled by Adam:
''Hey folks! Just some quick news on the i18n Test Day from last week. We
had a great response - big thanks to everyone who came out and helped
test! The IRC channel was busy, and the i18n team did a great job of
helping people out. Here are the statistics:

Testers: 12, Tests: 66, Bugs: 3, Ratio: 0.25
Open: 2, Dupe: 1, Fixed: 0, Unfixed: 0, Fixed %: 0.0''

We have one more bug fixed now: 2/3 bugs are resolved. Overall successful test day. Thanks everyone for contribution.

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