#58 Prioritizing bugs for Fedora 24 release
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This idea came up in Fedora 23 release.

Its good to plan or prepare some list of bugfixes we are going to do during F24 release cycle. If there is minor bugs, may be we can open it for community to fix up and we can simply mentor them.

Basically good to have list for F24 release.

Discussion in 11 Nov meeting:

Basically we should list down all bugs we are planning/willing to fix in Fedora 24.
Bug must be listed with easy fix, medium and difficult.
We will publish this list on Wiki and mailing list and whenever we get some new contributor will to participate, we can ask him to go through it.
Its idea for new contributor to fix something and get that working in next release.
I am sure, everyone of us must be having few issues pending.
Its not necessary/compulsory to fix all the bugs we listed down. But at least good to have work/plan for F24.
One more need behind this is, we can push all improvement through Fedora change proposals. Good to get bit bigger picture.

List of Fedora websites not translatable https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/G11N/List_of_Fedora_sites.

We have good picture for Fedora L10N and Zanata side. Still not that good for Fedora I18N.

I think time has come where we should just list things that are happening in Fedora 24 and move remaining plans for Fedora 25.

Closing this ticket now. After change proposals we should prioritize bugs for Fedora 25. Bug triaging activities will help there.

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