#57 Fedora 24 change planning
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We have already discussed Fedora 24 plans in detail during FAD. Lets discuss again in meeting. Decide realistic one and create tickets.


Ideas discussed in 11th Nov meeting
String Breakage monitoring (Jens, Akira)
Merge IBus fbterm into ibus core (Fujiwara)
- Confusion should it be merged into IBus or simply fork since not active upstream.
- Suggested to drop email on mailing list for more views

Discussing other ideas into 25th meeting.

  • All changes are 100% done and available in Fedora 24 Alpha. Important part now to test these changes nicely in i18n test day happening on 12th April.
  • Satya to work with FLTG and change proposal owners to improve test cases.

Thanks all for excellent efforts to make Fedora 24 successful. Closing this ticket now.

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