#50 Feature/Change planning for Fedora 23
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We got a nice Fedora 22 release yesterday (26th). Its time to move ahead and further improve things in Fedora 23


Ideas from last meeting.

IDEA: try to switch default Traditional Chinese IME to ibus-libzhuyin
IDEA: locales sub-packaging with glibc team
IDEA: Wayland IM for F23.
IDEA: Audit of default fonts for languages in Fedora 23 
IDEA: Gnome redesign plans for control-center Region and Languages
IDEA: going through cloud and server todo list. Test/use cloud and server and see whats missing from i18n.
IDEA: updating glibc localedata to Unicode 8.0.0 if releases in F23 development cycle
IDEA: IBus improvements for KDE5

IBus Libzhuyin, IBus 1.5.11 are 100% complete now.

We are reducing scope of Unicode 8.0 by removing libicu. It is also 100% complete now.

Not sure about Glibc sub packaging. Still not decided on method to choose for implementation.

Decided to drop change proposal Glibc Locale Sub-packaging. We will plan it for Fedora 24.

This ticket is just place holder from last few meeting. If anything need to discuss on this please status to meeting.

Will close this after Fedora GA release.

Closing now. Had nice Fedora 23 release.

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