#43 G11N FAD in 2015
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Discussing whether it is possible ot have FAD targeting on internationalization activity. Most of the things depends upon.
1. Budget
2. Availability of members.
3. Task At Hand.

Lets discuss possible dates and location for FAD. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_I18nTeam_2015

In 18th Feb meeting we came to consensus that we should have FAD specifically for i18n. Possible Venues are Pune, India or Tokyo, Japan. Will discuss in next meeting for Venue and Date and then prepare for budget.

As per discussion in meeting, changed page name. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_I18n_2015

Next tasks are decide date and venue.

Yet we have to decide venue. Lets discuss in tomorrows meeting and try to finalize.

Decided following points in 1st April 2015 meeting.
1. Venue : Tokyo, Japan
2. Date : One week after Fedora 23 final release.

  1. Updated FAD page with dates and venue and purpose.
  2. Discussed on idea of doing it for Globalization by having l10n and zanata people as well.
  3. Have to send an email to FPL and take his view.

Talked with FPL. Suggestion to bring this to Council mailing list with required budget.

Pending on decause to update us on budget.

Most of the OSAS team is at !LinuxCon, but I have reached out for a budget update nonetheless. As soon as I get any information, I will pass it onto the council.

Stay Vigilant,

Have to ping Dramsey to get local Tokyo Fedora community in FAD. For F23 release party.
Finalize schedule.
* Check is Venue booking is done.

I would like to propose that we spend more time on the Hackathon
activity in the FAD (one day is really too short to achieve much).
My suggestion would to start the Hackathon Sunday afternoon (Day 1)
and continue through to Tue morning (Day 3). This would give us
basically 2 whole days (minus sleep;o) for action. We would have
to compress the group discussions in the Sun morning and Tue afternoon
though - though there is nothing to stop smaller group from continuing
to have discussions during the Hackathon time - not everyone
may want to spend so much of the FAD discussing things as a large group
I imagine.

Conclusive post for Fedora Globalization activity day.

All expenses has been resolved. Closing now.

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