#16 Improving testcases/matrix for i18n test day
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In retrospect, we had some issues in testcases that is outdated, is suspected to continue testing, and matrix due to too many testcases available. so we may need to clean it up a bit for next i18n test day.

One idea to improve can be borrowed from Fedora Language Testing Group(FLTG)'s:

the discussion is required to share the issue and polish the idea.

ACTION: tagoh to create a mockup for new matrix for test day

for updates of cleaning up test cases, those test cases can be merged and split into the rendering and the printing as the general testing maybe?


and now https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:Font_Configuration_Tool can be integrated into the rendering testing as one of (extra-)step. so 4 test cases can be compressed to 2.


This can be updated according to the new features/improvements in GNOME 3.8?


If we are not going to make i-t-b as default engine for Indic, it can be dropped this time?


Do we still want to include this test case? or switch to caribou?

Given that those updates is applied to current matrix, we can reduce the column from 12 to 9, which may be still workable on current format.
also good to clean up references on Nice to test too.

For updates of new matrix, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Tagoh/Draft/I18n_Test_Day

Well, it somewhat looks different if you remember something we discussed in the last meeting. I had to think about another way because the test case page can be linked from bodhi and including the result there as FLTG may be not a good idea for that purpose. as I said in the meeting also, I want to make it clear to see what the language we have issues so far, rather than who tested what.

Due to improvements in ibus-typing-booster, i think we should have that in test cases. Anish will help to improve test cases for it.

Since we won't drop iok/eekboard support from ibus-m17n this time. Might be we can continue with eakboard testing as well.

As I mentioned in the previous meeting, taking similar way to l10n might be not acceptable for us because the test cases is also used for bodhi. making duplicate pages looks not good and result section in it may be a bit noisy for that purpose. so we could have separate result pages only per test cases or categories maybe.

from minutes of today's meeting:

ACTION: all to check/update respective test cases which you are responsible (tagoh_, 06:27:42)
AGREED: update test cases by April 24 (tagoh_, 06:30:58)

from minutes of today's meeting:

ACTION: dueno to create a draft test case for ibus-hangul (tagoh_, 06:20:25)
ACTION: epico to create a draft test case for zh-TW (tagoh_, 06:22:20)

Thanks everyone for updating test cases. i18n test day for f19 has been gone. still open to see more results though, closing this ticket so that the preparation phase has been finished.

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