#158 State of i18n and l10n in Workstation
Opened 2 years ago by petersen. Modified 9 months ago

Workstation WG is planning a session on "i18n and l10n":

What do people here think are the most pressing issues or highlights?
Any low hanging fruits and longer terms themes to focus on?

This scheduled to happen in tomorrow's WS WG meeting

See the comments from https://pagure.io/fedora-workstation/issue/267#comment-798264 for the discussion summary

We need to dissect the potential work items.

Creating a state tracker may seem helpful.
To track i18n state for every fedora release by distribution: Server, WS, Silverblue, Spins etc.

This happend during one of the Fedora WG meetings over Bluejeans as far as i remember :)

No update here. Let's revisit after a month meeting.

Was discussed in todays Fedora i18n meeting and @petersen had a suggestion this be included in the planning again for Fedora 40

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