#142 Hunspell Dictionary dir change from myspell/ to hunspell/
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by pnemade. Opened 2 years ago by vishalvvr.

I have checked with three main distros(Manjaro, Opensuse & Ubuntu) for their hunspell implementation, all three distros use hunspell/ dir and some(Manjaro & Opensuse) also have symlink to myspell/.

Symlink approach will cause clutter while listing/using dicts using hunspell or nuspell, it shows duplicate entries. I am proposing just to shift default dict location from myspell/ to hunspell/ (like Ubuntu), because myspell in an deprecated package.

I feel the next steps should be:

  • give a heads-up to @caolanm
  • adding /usr/share/hunspell to hunspell-filesystem.

@tagoh suggested good to check if any packages that require hunspell contain the string "myspell" (eg strings /usr/bin/some-hunspell-consumer | grep myspell).

Another reason to avoid a symlink is that rpm cannot replace a dir with a symlink https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/packaging-guidelines/Directory_Replacement so we can't easily replace an existing myspell dir with a symlink to a hunspell dir IIUC without some scriptlets.

Obviously the various hunspell-foo packages will need changing and in addition:

enchant needs to change from

firefox from
ln -s %{_datadir}/myspell %{buildroot}%{mozappdir}/dictionaries
ln -s %{_datadir}/hunspell %{buildroot}%{mozappdir}/dictionaries

libreoffice from

I don't have any objections to the move FWIW, is this something we want to do for rawhide (F36) ?

I don't have any objections to the move FWIW, is this something we want to do for rawhide (F36) ?

Yes that is the general idea, though it does involve a lot of dictionary packages.

Discuss further about this Change in its own ticket now https://pagure.io/i18n/issue/152

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