#128 Fedora 34 i18n test day
Opened 2 months ago by pnemade. Modified 12 days ago

We will plan i18n test day for Fedora 34 as well.

23rd Feb 2021 is Beta Freeze date
16th Mar 2021 is Beta release date
Proposing 9th March as i18n test day

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2 months ago

Displaying of Cyrillic characters on the console is broken because of removal of a kbd dependency: kbd-legacy. see: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1919483

Hence, please test Russian console input!

blog content from our 6 Changes approved for Fedora 34
Kasume_Unicode: Kasumi-unicode is a dictionary management tool for Anthy-unicode. The ibus-anthy IME now requires kasumi-unicode package.
ibus-anthy_for_default_Japanese_IME: The current default Japanese input method engine is ibus-kkc and the default is going to change to ibus-anthy to develop Japanese IME more effectively.
ibus-m17n_as_default_Sinhala_IME: The current default input method for Sinhala is ibus-sayura. This should change to the ibus-m17n input method m17n:si:sayura - sayura (m17n)
ibus-unikey_as_default_Vietnamese_IME: The current default input method for Vietnamese is ibus-bogo. This should change to the ibus-unikey input method.
IBus_1.5.24: IBus will use the mmap(2) feature to show emoji and Unicode tables in order to reduce the physical memory usage.
EnableHarfBuzzInFreeType: Goal of this feature is to enable usage of HarfBuzz in FreeType to improve hinting of glyphs of languages which needs more complicated text shaping.

From today's meeting,
Drop ibus-kkc testcase

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