#12 language support installation command
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Reference to https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/YumLangpackPlugin , we got langinstall option of yum. We can now install language support say for Hindi by using command

yum langinstall hi_IN

Can we change references of language support install with "yum langinstall" command?

I want to change this on https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/I18N/Indic#How_to_Install.2FRemove_any_Language_support

ACTION: paragan to test non-Indic languages with yum langinstall

I tested groupinstall command on some languages and found that when we use "yum groupinstall <language>-support" command, packages listed in comps are installed. So, if any listed package is missing then it will be installed along with other language specific packages like aspell-, hunspell-, mythes-* etc.

But, if all the listed packages for a language group are already installed then "yum groupinstall" will not attempt to install language specific packages. so, in this case we need to use "yum langinstall <langcode>"

Looks to me, to get complete language support user need to use for Hindi language say
yum groupinstall hindi-support
yum langinstall hi_IN

From today's meeting:


ACTION: paragan to add matrix of language group and locale code

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