This is the gss-proxy project.

The goal is to have a GSS-API proxy, with standardizable protocol and a
[somewhat portable] reference client and server implementation.  There
are several motivations for this some of which are:

 - Kernel-mode GSS-API applications (CIFS, NFS, AFS, ...) need to be
   able to leave all complexity of GSS_Init/Accept_sec_context() out of
   the kernel by upcalling to a daemon that does all the dirty work.

 - Isolation and privilege separation for user-mode applications.  For
   example: letting HTTP servers use but not see the keytabe entries for
   HTTP/* principals for accepting security contexts.

 - Possibly an ssh-agent-like SSH agent for GSS credentials -- a

gss-proxy uses libverto for dealing with event loops. Note that you need to
have at least one libverto event library installed (e.g. libverto-tevent).