#56 GSS-Proxy for use with CIFS client
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Very similar to the NFS client use case, CIFS client also should take advantage of GSSPROXY work.

Just checked, cifs client does not use gssapi yet but raw kerberos calls. This means major redesign if we want to benefit from gssproxy.

Moving at least to February. There is quite some work required to make it all happen with gssapi.

Is it the redesign of the CIFS client or of the GSS Proxy? I assume the former.

The work is required on the CIFS client side, so we need to talk with the cifs client maintainers.

Jeff's current work is here: http://git.samba.org/?p=jlayton/linux.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/cifs-3.11.

The idea is to first clean up the auth selection (to bring NTLMSSP and SPNEGO/Krb5 together and first talk to server and then make auth selection). This has been traditionally the other way round and needs to reversed first.

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4 years ago

This would be nice to have

Agreed, but this is an action item for CIFS, not gssproxy, unless they've migrated to GSSAPI.

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2 years ago

Closing until such time as CIFS moves to GSSAPI.

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