#8 Investigate Sign and Seal issues.
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According to a report, sign/seal always fail when SPNEGO is negotiated.

Also when NTLM is negotiated we fore gss_wrap() to always seal, reggardless of the conf_req flag, this may be incorrect.

Tests with various combinations vs Windows server and returned errors

This is a very helpful comment from Rahul [via email]:

[...] we've came to know about a bug specific to using NTLM under SPNEGO regarding resetting the state of RC4 cipher and it is documented in MS-SPNG (https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc247021.aspx) section, as a deviation of the Microsoft implementation of SPNEGO from the specification: NTLM RC4 Key State for MechListMIC and First Signed Message
When NTLM is negotiated, the SPNG client MUST set OriginalHandle to ClientHandle before generating the mechListMIC and then set ClientHandle to OriginalHandle after generating the mechListMIC. This results in the RC4 key state being the same for the mechListMIC and for the first message signed by the application.
Because the RC4 key state is the same for the mechListMIC and for the first message signed by the application, the SPNG server MUST set OriginalHandle to ServerHandle before validating the mechListMIC and then set ServerHandle to OriginalHandle after validating the mechListMIC.

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