#14 Translation status?
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@jibecfed and I are working on FR translations.
We'd like to know if the po files are up-to-date and if my translation for these will be integrated in the latest releases?


We currently use the following project https://fedora.zanata.org/project/view/gss-ntlmssp where last upload was done on 20/02/15 10:54 by simo

I updated the git repo zanata points to, however there aren't that many strings in gssntlmssp that are user accessible, so probably nothing will change.

Ah I just went thorugh the proposed translations. A few are now missing as the code updated in zanata.
I rejected one translation as potentially incorrect, but open to discuss.
Please ping me here if you make updates in Zanata.

hi @simo, I just saw your comment in Zanata and somehow arrived here.

It would really help to see the string in context (can we do that easily?), but I'm unsure it would really be an issue for the user.
Anyway, as a workaround, the source string would probably benefit to explicitly quote the parameter value. I'm not able to suggest the best spelling, but capital letter are so often misused that we don't consider it as a not-to-translate rule.

Sorry for the dealy I merged the .po file genearted by zanata, hopefully I did it correctly.

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