#388 Frequent 504s
Closed: Fixed a year ago by gnaponie. Opened 2 years ago by bowlofeggs.

As reported in fedora-infrastructure/#7575, Greenwave has frequently been returning HTTP 504 codes. It seems that it may be due to updates with tens of packages.

Note that we are planning to create much larger updates in the near future when we start using Bodhi to manage side tags. For example, a mass rebuild could result in a Bodhi update with all 20,000 packages in it.

I'm working on the fix for that. I'll let you know the timeline for that.

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2 years ago

Looks like there is related discussion in #371. Is that the place to look for updates?

This should be solved in next release. I'll leave this open until we are not sure this got fixed.

This was fixed with the latest release.

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a year ago

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