#6 didn't find "github.com/google/go-cmp/cmp"
Opened 4 years ago by nim. Modified 4 years ago

Migrated from https://github.com/gofed/symbols-extractor/issues/158

When I use golist in the project cloud.google.com/go, the commands

golist --imported --package-path cloud.google.com/go --skip-self
golist --imported --package-path cloud.google.com/go --skip-self --tests

don't find the package "github.com/google/go-cmp/cmp" in the unit test cloud.google.com/go/civil

Is this still a problem?

$ golist --imported --package-path cloud.google.com/go --skip-self | rg go-cmp

$ golist --imported --package-path cloud.google.com/go --skip-self --tests | rg go-cmp

Metadata Update from @nim:
- Issue assigned to nim

4 years ago

I will recheck. cloud.google.com/go is a full bag of nastiness, that even other Google projects have problems with (most of them still import it under a legacy name, which means they are afraid of using the latest code. The current cloud.google.com/go asserts its new name which means anything still using the legacy name never tried to use the current codebase).

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