#14 golist should handle naming assertions cleanly
Opened 3 years ago by nim. Modified 3 years ago

Since the naming of Go projects is a mess many of them (including core Google modules) have started asserting how they should be named, to force other modules (including other Google core module) to fix their imports.

For example cloud.google.com/go is often called google.golang.org/cloud by other Google code

This results in golist panics.

Because golist is often called by other scripts (for example, rpm dependency scripts) the panic messages are unhelpful, because the recipient of those messages has not called golist directly and does not know what exact golist call resulted in this panic.

golist should handle this case by default and:
1. output useful info to stderr, including what exactly it was doing at the panic time
2. abort with an error code

This results in golist panics.

Do you have an example package of this panic?

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