Welcome to Fedora Globalization

Fedora Globalization is a joining effort and collaboration between Internationalization (i18n), Localization (l10n), Fedora Language Testing group (FLTG) and Zanata.

The main focus is to provide a seamless language and cultural experience to Fedora products with the collaboration of i18n, l10n, Zanata and FLTG.

  • i18n enables Fedora for languages and later l10n uses this to translate UI into respective language. There is natural synchronization between them.
  • i18n works with new products for enabling languages. In next step l10n can use it for localization.
  • i18n can make sure, important packages in Fedora are internationalized.
  • l10n can propose and test new features for i18n. Predictive text, Fonts, Dictionaries.
  • l10n and i18n works with Zanata and make sure things work well from i18n side as well from localization size.


IRC Channel: FreeNode#fedora-g11n

Mailing list:


bi-weekly meeting on Wed. 04:30:00 UTC

Meeting Logs


Group Wiki Pagure Description
I18N Enable packages/applications to use different languages
L10N Localize content in local language and cultures
FLTG N/A Quality Assessment of globalization
Weblate N/A, use l10n for requests Translation platform


Please read the wiki proposal for Globalization