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As a thank you for all the efforts you guys put in localising for different communities the design team is working on a set of infographics to highlight the accomplishments of all the people who worked and contributed to Fedora in the past year!

thank you, you said "final", does it means it is useless to ask for corrections?

@jibecfed my bad. When I say final, what I mean is final from my side. The design and overall look will not change, but you are free to suggest changes to the text! :)

I feel like using "l10n" is too confusing. Here are some rewrites in addition with suggestion.

Title: Fedora L10N ==> Fedora Localization Team
Top right:

  • (software, websites, culture, etc.) ==> (software, websites, documentation, etc.)
  • we are now back to #fedora-l10n in Freenode


  • In 2019 ==> if you used the stats from flock, this only is 6 months of translation. You can write about 500 000 for full year.
    • You illustration doesn't looks like to be 2019 focused, would you like new stats of 2020?
  • l10n translated ==> "the team translated"

This part is a good idea but confusing: "L10n and the linux community deliver translations for 108 languages, and have a global translation average of 17.8%."

I suggest to delete it and add a new title: Fedora Workstation statistics

Fedora localization team contribute the translation of upstream projects such as GNOME, Cockpit, pulseaudio, firewalld, freeipa...

The Fedora Workstation Live CD only represents about 1500 packages and for which that can be translated, it means, close to 1,3 millions of words to translate.

We count 10 languages with > 100 million speakers, the overall translation progress is 41%.
We count 45 languages with > 10 million speakers, the overall translation progress is 25%.
For all 108 languages we deliver into, the overall translation progress is 18%.

Migration to Weblate:
* "l10n migrated": "Fedora community migrates 116 projects from Zanata to Weblate". (most of the work is done by upstream maintainer, we just provided guidance and project follow-up)

Additional comment:

It's an interesting initiative you started, I love it.
What is the upstream repository containing these artworks? Would you like to make it translatable? I should be able to easily convert your file to make it talk with our translation platform and get contributions. But it will mean for you to adjust result before publication. You can be sure to have at leas a dozen languages.

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