#40 The documentation system reboot & translation
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Thanks to @bex, @immanetize and @sanqui , we now have a new documentation system handling translations. It was demonstrated @ Flock.

Note : the translation memory works fine, I was able to get most content from previously translated content :) Only xml tags has to be converted to asciidocs tags.

Here is the demo project: https://fedora.zanata.org/project/view/install-guide-reboot

Last blocking point: we still have to translate pages titles & navigation bar. We have to convert yaml to po file (unfortunately, Zanata doesn't support multiple file formats for the same project).

I asked Bex to help me to write an article about where we are, how to build the full website and how to test it. It should come in the coming weeks.

Important to decide for L10N:
* adding a new language in this system is manual, and some details about how to translate asciidoc are to know. We probably have a ask a translation team to first translate a contributor help page before enabling the language for all documentation. Is this principle OK?

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this action still is a work in progress, next step is a FAD next week in Strasbourg.
Read https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Jibecfed/fedoradoc-antora-localization if you want more details.

The proof of concept uses Weblate (on my personal server), making it an opportunity to see good and bad in this tool. But we made sure the system is tool agnostic. We, the Fedora Community, will have to decide which tool we want to use once open to all languages.

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