#39 Using Transtats to track out-of-schedule string change for F28
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At Flock 2017, @sundeep demonstrated a really interesting tool: http://transtats.xyz

Is checks the correct synchronization between Zanata and git repositories, and thus, it will help us to make sure our translations are indeed deliver for releases.

By the way, this should enable out-of-schedule string change tracking for Fedora 28.

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Some initial discussions is on the way. Tracking out-of-schedule string change looks feasible once translation diffs could be created by comparing what has been translated (in Zanata) vs what has been packaged/built (in koji).

Integration with koji and deployment in Fedora Infra - both are in Progress !!

Had one update: added f28 in http://transtats.xyz
Small requests: May be please re-sync package/s with Translation Platform (Zanata) or Upstream, if that seem too old, and may be please refresh branch mapping of packages as soon as they have f28 zanata project_version created

Transtats can now talk with koji. So, we have an answer for...

Q) How many packages are not-in-sync (translations done at platform may not get packaged) and need attention?
A) http://transtats.xyz/translation-status/packages
Please select individual package to see language details.

Q) How to see translation status for a package built in koji for other build_tags?
A) Please run a job at http://transtats.xyz/jobs/yml-based

In this development stream, next step is to compare POT and PO, both from all three locations and see reasons behind string breakage. Please see http://transtats.xyz/quick-start to get started and for FAQs.

Discussions on mailing lists:

At this point of time, I think this could be achieved in two steps:

  1. transtats job which can be used to track string change
  2. scheduling of this job as per string freeze and alpha release dates

Step 1 here, is done! Looking forward to implement step 2.
- target release 0.8.x

for anyone looking here, tracking of out-of-sync and string-change has been implemented in Transtats and its usage is explained in a fedora magazine post.


I'm closing this issue, the tool transtats is in production, and I am unsure on how much used it is.
I hope it will be merge with this change proposal: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/LocalizationMeasurementAndTooling

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