#16 L10N and Zanata planning for Fedora 24
Closed: Fixed None Opened 6 years ago by pravins.

We discussed number of ideas in G11N FAD.


Lets see how some of those goes for Fedora 24.

Two ideas still not-attended from Fedora G11N activity day.

  1. Badges for L10n contributions in Zanata (Alex) - We discussed this once, difficult to get in F24.
  2. Improving package groups in Zanata for Fedora. i.e. Translator should quickly understand which packages need translations and will get in current Fedora release.

Only activity remember on this ticket is to improve package groups in Zanata. This is important task from vFAD consideration. It should be easy and understandable for new contributors.

Thanks for all help in making Fedora 24 successful release. Closing this ticket now, we can use missing point in coming Fedora release or next FAD.

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